Functional Java: A Guide to Lambdas and Functional Programming in Java 8

Functional Java: A Guide to Lambdas and Functional Programming in Java 8 by Nick Maiorano is now available at the Amazon bookstore for Kindle and paperback.


With the release of version 8, functional programming has finally come to Java—bringing a brand new way of thinking about code. It is an update like no other in Java’s history, introducing new syntax, new libraries, and a new programming paradigm. This guide will help you make sense of these changes and keep you on top of the latest Java programming techniques. Written concisely by a veteran Java practitioner, it is perfect for developers wanting working knowledge of Java-style functional programming.


  • The juncture of Java and functional programming: An examination of functional programming and how it fits into Java.
  • The complete anatomy of the lambda: An analysis of lambdas, method references, default methods, and functional interfaces.
  • New and improved libraries: A description of the standard functional interfaces and the newly functionalized Collections library.
  • Streams: A look into the Streams library, how to think in streams, and how to best use streams—the most exciting Java 8 feature.
  • Parallelism: A discussion on functional-style parallelism for modern multi-core CPU architectures.
  • Java functional theory: An overview of Java-style currying, higher-order functions, partial application, and functional composition.
  • Thinking functionally: A primer on applying functional thinking to solve problems.

Book length: 208 pages
ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-9937050-0-7
ISBN (Kindle edition): 978-0-9937050-1-4


  • Freelance Cloud Architect
  • Specializing in cloud-native design for Amazon Web Services
  • Author, trainer and speaker of Java and related technologies
  • Based in Montreal, Canada and available for travel and remote work

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