The Server Side Java Symposium

March 20th, 2010 @

Well, the 2010 edition of Server Side Java Symposium in Las Vegas is over. This was one of the better editions I’ve attended. Lots of interesting things are happening in the Java world right now. Things like, cloud computing, cloud services, REST-based web services, and functional language that ride atop the JVM.

I found that the look and feel of this franchise has evolved since it first began in 2003. Compared to the over-the-top Las Vegas, the choice of venue back then was a strange one – a hotel in a suburb of Boston overlooking a highway. Even so, that first edition was interesting as it focused on Java vs. .Net, aspect oriented programming and the open source guys were battling it out with the Sun spec establishment for control of developer mind share in enterprise Java. The recent symposium editions have had a more corporate feel to it with Java being a mature platform that’s here to stay. One thing that has not changed is the quality of the speakers and people in attendance.

I’ve blogged about my experience these last three days. I had an interest in cloud computing and functional languages so I attended those sessions. I had little interest for client-side technologies so you won’t find much talk about those.

You can read about my experience: