Software Consultant

Nick Maiorano: Software consultant and founder of ThoughtFlow Solutions Inc. As a Java architect and developer, I specialize in building high-performance server-side applications. I’m a seasoned professional who worked in the telecom, financial, e-commerce, aerospace, and manufacturing industries ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

To discuss consulting opportunities, you can reach me via the contact information below.

Technical Leadership

With many years of experience in roles such as technical lead, team lead, and software architect, I can provide leadership for your software development projects. I’m also a hands-on technologist ready to roll up my sleeves and integrate as a coder in your team. I’m comfortable sharing ideas and can prepare and deliver effective presentations to your executives, investors, clients, and staff.

Soft Skills

Building good software is important but cultivating good team dynamics is paramount. This is why I strive to create an environment where there is a healthy flow of ideas and respect for people culminating in team consensus. As a consultant, I can integrate rapidly into your environment and methodologies and can communicate with you fluently in English and French.

I look forward to learning from your way of thinking as much as sharing my own.


  • Freelance Software and Cloud Architect
  • Author, trainer and speaker of Java and related technologies
  • Based in Montreal, Canada and available for travel and remote work

Skills Overview

Architecture - Training - Development - Technical Leadership

Contact Information

Next availability: July 2018